University of Alabama Jerseys

Alabama Jerseys: A Wearable Slice of Bama History

Bama has been the Crimson Tide since 1907. Alabama jerseys and shirts have been this color since long before. When the University of Alabama football team takes the home field, they’re wearing the exact same jerseys that you can pick up at Of course, it’s important that your jersey exhibit the quality you expect from official athletic wear, and these Alabama Jerseys do not disappoint. Made from 100 percent polyester, these Nike jerseys are comfortable, durable, easy to care for, and guaranteed to give you an official look when supporting the tide. You can choose from replicas with either number eight or twenty-two, or at this price, maybe just grab both. Just as Bama has a history steeped in tradition, so too do its jerseys. Athletic jerseys have been around in one form or another for a very long time, and Bama has been the Crimson Tide since the University of Alabama’s first team rolled on the fields in 1892. However, the crimson Alabama jersey didn’t make its appearance until 1900. That has left over 100 years for the Crimson jersey to acquire a rich history from representing Bama’s football team. The modern synthetic jersey, which gives that authentic feel, is roughly 50 years old. Since the introduction of synthetic fibers, jerseys have become more efficient and now provide all kinds of other benefits, such as protecting from minor scratches, helping to wick off sweat thus keeping body temp stable, and being tougher and more resistant to damage. This is all very important for Alabama football players, obviously. But it also has value for you, the fan. You can play your rough game of pick-up and experience some of what it means to represent Bama on the field, knowing that your jersey will be able to handle it. The same goes when cheering at games, which can certainly put a surprising amount of strain on your clothes. In either case, An Alabama jersey from will give you great bang for your buck and leave you