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Sometimes you need to class it up a bit, but you still want to show your crimson Bama pride An Alabama golf or polo shirt is just the thing. Whether you think you’ve outgrown the phase where a t shirt fits every situation or you are interested in matching the class that a University of Alabama coach shows on game day, has the right polo shirt for you.The best thing about the polo shirt is its versatility. Some men wear polos every day, while a nice new one can still make you like dressed up and ready for professional company. This makes an Alabama polo shirt a wise purchase that you’ll put to great use over and over. But it also means that an Alamaba golf or polo shirt would make a very good fathers’ day gift for any dad who loves Bama. Whether for yourself or a dad you know, you can’t go wrong with an Alabama polo.One interesting fact about Bama football history is the way uniform design has changed. Old uniforms had stripes in various places and of multiple widths as well as different applications of the crimson, black, and white color scheme. This means that the right polo choices can allow you to pay a subtle homage to the proud history of the University Alabama. This is a great way to show off your Bama knowledge or give your dad a leg up in the conversation.Of course, as a proud supporter of the Crimson Tide, you want to look good and show your colors. To do so effectively, you’ve got to choose the right Alabama golf shirt for you. Do you want state of the art material and a close, sleek fit, athletic synthetics like coaches on game day, or simple cotton for a more casual look? With a wide selection of prices, designs, and fabrics, offers you choices and quality to fit any of these scenarios and keep your wallet happy at the same time.