List of Alabama Crimson Tide Championships

College football fever heated up as teams across the country have officially begun their fall practice. Fans had a good look at the players of their team. Coaches, on the other hand, are busy strategizing and training their players. Can Alabama win its 18th national championship? Well, the team is good enough to win another national championship!

Here is the list of all 17 college football national championships Alabama Crimson Tide have won so far.

1st National Championship

Crimson Tide won its first national championship in 1925. Wallace Wade was team’s head coach. Crimson Tide won the season’s Rose Bowl.

2nd National Championship

Alabama won second national championship in 1926 under the mentorship of Wallace Wade.

3rd National Championship

Wallace Wade helped Alabama Crimson Tide won yet another national championship in 1930.

4th National Championship

Four years later, in 1934, Alabama won its fourth national championship. This time the team’s head coach was Frank Thomas.

5th National Championship

Crimson Tide won the fifth national championship in 1941. It was second national championship for head coach Frank Thomas.

6th National Championship

The team won its sixth championship in 1961. It was first national championship for legendary Alabama football coach, Paul “Bear” Bryant. Under his mentorship, the team won six national championships.

7th National Championship

Crimson Tide won another national championship in 1964. The team lost season’s Orange Bowl.

8th National Championship

Alabama’s eighth national championship came in 1965.

9th National Championship

Alabama had to wait eight long years to win their 9th national championship. It won its 9th in 1973.

10th National Championship

Crimson Tide won yet another national championship in 1978. Paul Bryant was the team’s head coach.

11th National Championship

In 1979, Crimson Tide won one more national championship under the guidance of Paul Bryant. The team won the season’s Sugar Bowl. Crimson Tide dominated the 70s football completely.

12th National Championship

The team had to wait 13 long years to win their 12 title. In 1992, Crimson Won their 12th national championship. Gene Stallings was team’s head coach.

13th National Championship

Crimson Tide waited for 17 years to register their 13th national title. The team won their 13th title in 2009. It was Nick Saban’s first national championship.

14th National Championship

The team won their 14th title in 2011 under the mentorship of Nick Saban.

15th National Championship

The 15th national college football title came in the year 2012.

16th National Championship

Three years later, the team won their 16h title in 2015.

17th National Championship

As we all know and remember, Alabama won their 17th national championship in 2017.

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