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Battle the Elements in Style with Alabama Hats

If it’s way too hot and sunny, you hate your new haircut, or you really love famous University of Alabama coach “Bear” Bryant’s style, then an Alabama hat might be the thing you’re looking for. And no matter what your style is, be it hip and retro, preppy, classic, or practical, crimsonhoundstooth.com will have the Bama hat to satisfy your taste.One of the great things about hats is that they serve practical and aesthetic purposes at the same time. In other words, an Alabama hat allows you to keep the sun and sweat out of your eyes while giving you one more clothing item to subtly show the world that you know Alabama is the best. This makes Alabama hats great for any casual occasion or sporting event, whether you’re watching on TV, at the game, or even in it.Or you could decide that you want a hat to make a clear statement without any possibility that people will see it as a purely functional item. Then, as opposed to the standard baseball cap, you should consider either the Houndstooth hat popularized by “The Bear,” Bama’s famous coach from the 1970s, or perhaps a “Booster Visor.” While a typical Bama cap will do a good job, especially in situations like a pick-up game where there are Florida fans present, some circumstances call for the higher-level Bama pride that these other hats offer. The Houndstooth hat gained notoriety because Bama Coach “Bear” Bryant wore it to many games. He wore this “signature” hat so much that University of Alabama fans have come to interpret the Houndstooth hat as a symbol of all Bryant’s victories and a general sense of pride in the Crimson Tide’s successes. So throwing on this Alabama hat means wearing around a ton of history on your head.Whether you decide to shout out “The Bear” or just grab a traditional Alabama hat with the simple “A” on the front, your head will be glad you dressed it so well.