Five Things You Don’t Know About Alabama Head Coach, Nick Saban

Nick Saban, undeniably, is one of the best football coaches of all time. He is certainly the best coach of the recent times. Crimson Tide has won six national championships under his mentorship, a feat that placed him next to the legendary Alabama coach, Bear Bryant. How well do you know about Nick Saban? Here are 5 little-known and interesting facts about Nick Saban that every Bama fan should know!

1. He drove a coke truck for a living

At the beginning of his career, Nick Saban drove a large coke truck to pay his bills. He said that he burned a clutch every summer driving the truck on the hilly roads of Akron, Ohio.

2. He was a freshman at Kent State University during shootings

Nick Saban was a freshman at Kent State University when members of Ohio National Guard opened fire at an unarmed group of students who were protesting the bombing of Cambodia by the United States military forces. Nick Saban wanted to attend the rally. Fortunately for him, he arrived late. The attack left 4 people dead and 10 people injured.

3. He married early

Nick Saban found love early in the form of Terry Constable whom he met a science camp. The Alabama coach married his love, Terry, in 1971, when he was a junior at Kent State University.

4. He is superstitious

During the 2009 season, Nick Saban had his daughter give him a penny before every game. He revealed that this superstitious routine worked for him extremely well. Nick also has a habit of wearing an old straw hat to practice sessions.

5. He was inducted into Alabama Sports Hall of Fame

In 2013, Nick Saban received the Alabama Sports Hall of Fame (ASHOF) induction for helping Crimson Tide become national elite in the college football.

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