College Football National Championship: A look back at Alabama Crimson Tide’s Historic Win Against Georgia Bulldogs

Alabama Crimson Tide has completely dominated college football in the last decade. The team won 5 out of 9 championships and is looking good to stand out in the upcoming season as well.

There’s plenty to talk about the 2018 college football season, but now let’s recap those memorable moments when Crimson Tide defeated Georgia Bulldogs 26-23 in overtime to lift the 2018 College Football Playoff championship trophy.

There’s no doubt that Alabama Tide fans were a little anxious about the team’s performance. Alabama was a bit unlucky in the 2017 playoff championship. The team lost the match to Clemson despite playing well. 

As you may remember, Crimson Tide didn’t get a good start in the game against Georgia. Georgia Bulldogs dominated the first half, taking a 13-0 lead. It was Tua Tagovailoa who turned the tables for Alabama as the Hawaiian freshman quarterback threw a 41-yard pass to DeVonta Smith, helping the team win their 12th national championship.

The epic overtime show from Crimson Tide left Georgia Bulls completely disappointed as they hadn't won a championship since 1980.

Overall, it was a terrific effort from Crimson Tide. However, the team’s offense seemed to be a bit out of form.

Crimson Tide, under the guidance of Nick Saban, are highly capable of winning the 2019 college football championship.

 Alabama does what Alabama does!  

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